Enterprise Edition

You receive read access to the complete penalty-kicks database with currently 8.500 soccer players and 17.000 penalty-kicks.

Price: on request
(minimum term of 12 month)

Professional Edition

You receive read access to the players of an international competition
(e.g. CL, Euro League).

Price: on request
(minimum term of 12 month)

Standard Edition

You create your own penalty-kicks database and you can use all features of penalty-kicks.

Price: €49,00 per month
(minimum term of 3 month)

You can also take profit
penalty kicks statistic tool

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You choose your edition and order it easily per e-mail or telephone. After your data has been checked, you will receive the access information, to directly connect to the database.
We would be pleased to help you with any further questions.

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Software Solutions

// Your software partner, for talent scouting and team management for professional soccer. We are delighted that you’ve found your way to us. We offer you diverse products that fit to your club. If you like to contact us, just use the convenient contact form. //

The perfect
scouting database

// ScoutDB - the talent scouting tool for your club. The extensive database contains more than 35.000 soccer clubs and over 100.000 soccer players. It is updated regularly by our team. //

Database with currently about
10.000 penalty takers

// Penalty-kicks - the penalty statistic tool for your soccer club. Take advantage of our statistics about penalty takers and analyze extensive evaluations concerning scored and missed penalties. Penalty-kicks is based on the idea of Huub Stevens. //